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2 Saturdays, 1 Sunday

March 31st, 9pm (Violet Star)

April 7th, 9pm (The Push Push)

April 9th, 5pm (The Berteau Trippers & Youch)

@PrideArts (4139 N Broadway)

THE BAND BONUS shows will include rock music from The Push Push celebrating an all new album and The Berteau Trippers. Plays at PRIDE ARTS CENTER as part of the Labyrinth Arts And Performance Collective Showcase. Showdates for the Push Push 4/7 at 9pm and The Berteau Trippers and Youch Easter 4/9 at 7pm.

Friday, March 31st- The Star System, 9pm









Violet Star is a writer, singer, musician, producer, goddess incarnated on earth to anchor the divine vibrations of safety, satisfaction, peace, love, creativity, freedom and grace to every being on the earthplane with her every blink breath and heartbeat.  Her single 'Star' is available for streaming and purchasing everywhere, and her forthcoming single 'Feed on Me' has an accompanying music video produced by Labyrinth Arts Performance Collective and directed by Paul Brennan.

Friday, April 7th- The Push Push, 9pm







The Push Push sounds like Otis Redding meets the White Stripes. We're a band, we play originals, we rock our hardest. It's always a funky good time. We'll be premiering our brand-new album.

Sunday, April 9th, 7pm- The Berteau Trippers & Youch

A new folk Americana group based in Chicago. Featuring the music of Mark Koller and the talents of Nick DuFloth, Evan Sierminski, & Krzsyzstof Piotrowski.


Youch is a three piece newly formed grunge jazz band from Chicago making eclectic rock,

All shows at Pride Arts Center, 4139 N. Broadway

Part of the Labyrinth Arts and Performance Collective Showcase Schedule

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