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Sweetback Productions, in collaboration with Labyrinth Arts Performance Collective, presents "Dorothy Mae and Her 1978 Holiday Rambler Ramblette". Ride along with Dorothy Mae as she heads down Route 66, pulling a 25 foot trailer in the middle of the pandemic with no idea what she's doing; depending only on the kindness of Trumpsters and the comfort of AM radio.






Written By Kelly Anchors & Ensemble

Starring Kelly Anchors as Dorothy Mae

with Paul Brennan, Riley Lamarre,

Max McKune, & Mike McKune

as folks she met along the way


Music performed by The Barrel Crackers


Tech by Charlotte Lastra


Lighting by Diane Hamm with Charlotte Lastra


Costumes & Dance Choreography by Diane Hamm


Scenic & Prop Design by Rick Paul


Video Projections by Paul Brennan


Marketing Graphic Design by Larry Hart

Wigs by Keith Ryan

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