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The name of “Labyrinth” evokes a metaphor.   It captures  one's  journey into the center of self and finding meaning there.  We emerge from the labyrinth's center with greater wisdom through self inquiry, creation,  and exchange within the community.   Our mission is to build community  and develop wisdom through art.  We are organized as a not-for-profit entity.


1) Community through Art

We nurture a community of creators. We  produce, explore, and share the meaning of created works. Artistic projects are a means of interactive exchange towards meaningful experience.

2) Courage-Consciousness

We embrace risk and challenge. Towards this end, both personal and community growth is central, where participants both define and discover aspects of self and each other.  Risk requires a stance of compassion and courage-consciousness.

3) Joy and Fulfillment

Joy, celebration, and fun are central to the process and products of creating.


The Collective

Creators cultivate ideas and people for projects.  The executive committee helps facilitate the generation and allocation of resources for a project's realization.  As a collective, the artistic project takes precedence over a single executive's vision. The autonomy of participating creators is respected and balanced against the resources available. Artistic projects include literary, performative, film, 2 and 3D art and multi-media, with the goal of culminating in events, shows, salons, workshops.

Board of Directors


Diane Hamm

Andy Somma

President, Executive Director


She has served as the previous managing director at Prop Thtr for a total of ten years since 2008. She is an experienced producer, special event fundraiser and grant writer. She is also an active dancer, choreographer and costumer including other design work in theatrical production.



Italian born native,  he has worked in the Chicago, New York and San Francisco performance art scene since the 1980's, is an art historian, curator, producer and performance artist. He is a lover of mid-century mod.

Sharon Waltham


She works as a mental health specialist and is also a jazz vocalist, actor, band member and fundraising coordinator. Her love of cats exceeds what we can write here. She can sing  anything you suggest on the fly.

Kelly Anchors



She is an accomplished producer in Chicago since the 90's with hit shows and has run a venue specializing in queer-themed drag shows .  She is also a talented actress and glitter enthusiast with a weakness for fabulous coats, dresses and jewelry.

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