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*He can also smile if you need him to.

Photo by Timothy Hiatt

Paul Brennan has created features, comedic/dramatic shorts, ads, and concert/performance videos for diverse companies in Chicago. He's worked with advocacy groups, LLCs, film production companies, and theatrical ensembles including Grow Op Chicago, Busted City Productions, Striking Note Records, Silent Theatre CompanyProp Thtr, & Chicago legend June Pyskacek of the Kingston Mines.


For Labyrinth Arts, he has written and performed for Diane Hamm's 2016-2019 variety shows, made projections for "Hotel Violet", and directed "How You Like Them Teeth?". He is currently co-producing a pilot for Labyrinth's upcoming Radio Noir.

At the ripe age of 12, he had a screening of his first film, which was a result of a young student film program in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM. He moved to Chicago three years later and has since written, produced, directed, and performed in over 20 short films, a handful of which have been screened in several film festivals in Chicago, Austin, TX, London, Munich, Ontario, Poland, Romania, and Rome.


Second to writing, his greatest and most utilized skill is video editing, making over 40 videos for the sketch troupe The Uploose Odditorium. Every opportunity has been instrumental in honing his craft. This has included being cinematographer, sound man, assistant director, stand in, script supervisor, slate, last minute foley artist, animator, coffee server, often many of these at once. Exploring each facet of the medium of film has made him a stronger artist, allowing him to see the fine details while looking at the whole picture.

Featured in the Show Reel

Killer Ghost (Music video)

Safe Soils Initiative Interview

Doctor... Doctor... (Comic Short)

Mystic Baby (Advertisement)

Heavy Flow (Experimental short)

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