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Cinematic artists present up-and-coming works.
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January 16th, 8pm @ The Davis Theater
Join us for an exciting film extravaganza at the Labyrinth Film Fest! presented and curated by Labyrinth Arts and Performance Collective in association with Prop Thtr. Support your favorite local artists: Paul Brennan, Paul Carr, Zoë Pike & Leah Meacham, Jack Dunphy, and Shalaka Kulkarni. This event will be held at the beautiful Davis Theater (4614 North Lincoln Avenue). Whether you're a film enthusiast or looking to connect with the community, this festival is a must-attend. Get ready to be transported into a labyrinth of cinematic intrigue. Works include...
Strip 1- Bunny Hole copy.jpg
A romantic horror comedy from the minds of Writer/Co-Director Zoë Pike and DP/Co-Director Leah Meacham. Pike stars as a hopeless romantic whose love spell goes awry when her dollar falls into the wrong hand. A smart, farcical, colorful story of modern witchcraft. 20m
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Dot on Earth1.png
Strip 5- Dot on Earth.jpg
From acclaimed writer/director Jack Dunphy. A lonely actress forms new relationships with both her drug dealer, an aspiring poet, and a once “cancelled” podcaster with addiction issues. Both relationships turn sour, forcing Dot to confront the moral complexities of life. Co-written and starring Colleen Rose Trudy, photographed by Jordan Tetewsky. 18m
Strip 2- Nyra's dream copy.jpg
An artful dance film from virtuosic dancer/artist/writer Shalaka Kulkarni. A garden dreamscape connects the ethereal figure of Nyra with the souls of multiple others in their own existential world. Complete with stunning imagery photographed by Spence Warren and otherworldly music by David Stout and MaDula Hara. 11m
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Strip 3- Interlude copy.jpg
an experimental film from stalwart Chicago writer/director Paul L Carr, starring the opera singer Katherine Terrell as both star and subject. Carr mixes footage documenting her life and career as a surreal landscape with Terrell at the center, impeccably photographed and edited by Nick Shultz. 7m
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Strip 4- Bitter Spirits1 copy.jpg
a farcical noir from Paul William Brennan. A spiteful employee engineers a boss’s desire for revenge to enact his own. Waiting patiently on the boss's table with the boss's wife, his plan diverges when his lover enacts a plan of her own design. Dynamic performances and the moody atmosphere of DP Collin Rogers’ photography make for a darkly funny 31m. 31m
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