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May 2nd - 19th

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun At 7:30pm

Labyrinth Arts (3658 N Pulaski)

Hamburgers and Disappointment

Plays about Enoughness

5 short 2 character plays that explore relationships in all their beautiful and twisting forms. Two shows per night.

Thursdays and Saturdays feature Julia Williams and Kristy Lockhart in "Fruit Tree Backpack" where Ceil and Anna traverse the various rooms inside the exhausting, sweet, metaphorical mansion of love. Paired with "I Love You Permanently" with Vicki Walden and Jeffrey Bivens. Jay wants to be with Lee, but is unable to leave his abusive relationship. They meet one last time and try to find out if it is possible to have an entire relationship in the span of one cold night.

Fridays and Sundays start with "Capacity" with Kelly Anchors and KellyAnn Corcoran, A World Premiere that explores a thorny relationship between a friendship between a playwright and an actor who were both, at different times, married to the same man. Followed by "Meaning is Tricky", with David Isaacson and Diana Slickman. Roommates and former lovers Mark and Clare navigate Clare’s burgeoning relationship with TV-obsessed man in an open marriage whose wife operates a flower kiosk.



Fruit Tree Backpack with Julie Williams and Kristy Lockhart

I Love You Permanently with Vicki Walden and Jeffrey Givens


Capacity with Kelly Anchors and Kellyann Corcoran

Meaning is Trick with David Isaacson and Diana Stickman

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