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A Part of

June 3rd - July 1st

Saturdays at 9pm

@Facility Theatre

(1138 N California Ave)

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For the third time in history, John and Paul showcase their trademark mix of sophistry and slapstick in "Newer Than Ever", their mostly-new comedy show. This time, the hapless duo catapult themselves into the age of market optimization and demographic trendiness under the guiding hand of their mysterious new benefactor, teenage wunderkind Jannik Torvald. John and Paul aren't returning by popular demand; they're just adhering to it.


Sat Jun 3 9PM - 10PM

Sat Jun 10 9PM - 10PM

Sat Jun 17 9PM - 10PM

Sat Jun 24 9PM - 10 PM

Sat Jul 1 9PM - 10 PM

Facility Theatre, 1138 N California Ave


Written and performed by John Francis Klingle & Paul William Brennan


Produced by Diane Hamm and Labyrinth Arts Performance Collective


Stage Managed by Charlotte Lastra, SM

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