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Radio Theatre Deep Dive, a monthly radio podcast, explores and deconstructs the tropes of textbook genres with a new radio play every First Friday of the month. This season’s theme is NOIR, the dark, the twisted, the transgressive. Here, authors push the boundaries of the noir tropes and styles. Each month, a different panel of creatives dissect the play afterwards, unraveling the genre as we deconstruct the work.


Episode One featured Bitter Wine, a tale of the lust for power. A broken wife is being seduced by the man waiting to kill her husband. Meanwhile, the husband is being seduced by the man's lover. Starring Brook Celeste, Curtis Jackson, Gillian Hastings, and Nick DuFloth.

The Panel featured Curious Theatre Branch co-founder Jenny Magnus, Lee Peters of Lookingglass, and Nell Voss of Silent Theatre Company.

Episode 2 featured Keith Gatchel's The Temp That Killed CEO Jerry Landis.

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